About Us

A New Hope Home Care was created by individuals with extensive home care, business, and life experiences. Most importantly, these life experiences have collectively help shape the vision of A New Hope Home Care. Our top priority is providing care with clinical expertise and building relationships with our clients. Additionally, we take the care a step further by helping to bridge the gap between additional community resources and the families we care for.

The Team

Jaime Lee
Founder & CEO

I believe that life is a journey and I want to make mine one that I can look back on and believe I did what I could to make it a better place for others. My background consists of business experience in sales, project management and customer relations. The majority of my time has been spent in the technology sector but I have most recently spent time in home care. I graduated from Purdue University with a Business Management Degree. My path then took me to San Francisco where I met my husband, Chuck. We have been lucky enough to call Asheville home since 2002. We have been blessed with three children. My path in forming A New Hope Home Care is a personal one for me. All three of my children spent the first weeks of their lives in the NICU. That experience has given me a mere glimpse into what some families go through in the needs of their children. I've also seen firsthand, the need for home care in the care of aging and elderly adults. My Mom lived with Alzheimer's for over 12 years. I have experienced the gradual loss of someone who had been my "rock" all of my life. I also saw the toll taken on my Dad as her primary caregiver. He selflessly and lovingly cared for her - spending hours to help her eat a meal. I thank you for putting your trust in us in caring for your loved one. I hope that you will find A New Hope Home Care, a place where your loved one is treated with caring hearts and hands and feel we have provided your loved one a dignified life regardless of any limitations they may have.

Chuck Lee
Chief Operating Officer/Founder

I am proud to bring my entrepreneurial passion to A New Hope Home Care with the goal of helping to create a company that brings a breath of fresh air to the home care industry. I feel that along with the entire A New Hope Team we can truly make a difference in peoples lives. Likewise, we were drawn together with the passion of owning a company that is managed the right way with people truly at the center. My career has primarily been in sales, marketing and business development with companies such as CNET Networks, Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine, and The Adventure Collective. I was born in Columbia, SC; graduated from the College of Charleston in '92; moved to San Francisco where I met my wife, Jaime; my wife and I then moved to Switzerland and finally landed in Asheville in 2002. We have three children and three dogs. On sunny days you can usually find me on my bike, on a tennis court, or on the trails with my dogs; Pisgah, Mira, and Auggie. Home care has also been a personal experience for me. I lost my father to cancer in 1988. This was a life changing experience for myself and my Mom and siblings. I saw first hand the compassion and warmth nurses brought into our home to help not only my father but the rest of our family as well.

Curtis Donahue
Director of Human Resources / Founder

Back in 2010, we began our efforts to start A New Hope Home Care. Starting and owning a company with my family was something our families always wanted to do. While my education and background as a mechanical engineer and capital project manager helped provide some problem solving skills and business experience needed to pursue starting a business, it was my personal life experiences that directed me toward home health care. I decided in 2015 that I could pursue working at A New Hope Home Care full time and I left my engineering career. I have lived such a different life and have had so many different and wonderful experiences, I am very happy I did.

Ever since I was old enough to remember, I have had family members in my life with chronic and severe illnesses. My Aunt Cheryl battled and eventually passed from multiple sclerosis. I have many family members that have suffered with and/or passed from cancer, both of my Grandmothers, a great aunt, my mother and my Aunt Pat (Jaime’s mother) all developed and eventually passed from Alzheimer’s. I have learned firsthand how difficult these health situations can be on both the clients and their family members and how important working with them and getting them the help, they need is.

It’s these experiences that resulted in the passion that is our business today. Knowing that my efforts, even if in a very small way, are assisting someone to have a better quality of life, greater independence and just some caring and companionship is very rewarding. It is also very rewarding to be an employer and work to provide the best work environment and benefits we can for our employees. It is this that motivates me on a daily basis. I am always amazed by our client’s resilience and our care giver’s compassion. I am very proud of what we stand for and work to accomplish every day as a team and company. And, I am very thankful for all of the opportunities granted us to serve your loved ones and to help to make a difference in their lives.

Morgan (Owen) Taylor

I have been working for A New Hope Home Care since the day the company opened in 2011. I really shared in their desire to make a difference in the lives of others so I knew this was the job for me. I worked in a Nursing Facility for 2 years then I began working as a pediatric CNA in 2010. Working with special needs children quickly became my passion in life. I didn’t realize how much until my husband and I found out our daughter would be born with Gastroschisis. Gastroschisis is a birth defect that doesn’t allow the abdominal wall to close fully which allows the intestines to grow on the outside of the body. Our daughter Paisley was born on November 29th, 2013 and spent a month in the NICU, which was later followed by an additional surgery. This personal experience made me empathize with the families that we care for even more. I moved into working in the office after Paisley’s health settled, and now I am blessed to see the other side of home care. I now manage all of our Skilled Nursing Cases and I really enjoy getting to know our families and caregivers. The stories and experiences that our clients and their families have faced truly touch my life on a daily basis.

April Warren, LPN
Client Case Manager

My name is April, I have been nurse since 2009. My experience has ranged from working in an OB/GYN office to working as a nurse at a local county jail! My most recent transfer to Home Care has been the absolute most rewarding part of my nursing career. I have found that caring for a client in their home is so special. My first client will always have a very special place in my heart and I will forever be thankful for what he taught me as a nurse and most importantly as a person. I am now in the office and work with all of our clients to make sure they have the staffing and care that they deserve and need. My coworkers and I care so much for our clients and work hard every day to ensure they are taken care of.

I am a mother to a son, "bonus mom" to a grown son and daughter who have also made me a Mamow to a girl and boy. I enjoy being outside and can crafty almost anything. We also have 3 goat kids that we love. I am so very thankful for this life that has been given to me. I love my work family and enjoy going to work every single day!

Lindsay Livengood, CPNP, RN
Director of Clinical Services

I have always been fascinated by the human body and nursing has been a wonderfully fulfilling career choice for me. After graduating from University of Michigan's School of Nursing in 2003, I moved to Asheville where I worked at Mission Hospital on the Pulmonary Medicine and Pediatric units for five years. I later received a nurse practitioner degree in pediatrics and worked as a PNP for ten years in Atlanta and Asheville.

After starting at A New Hope Home Care in 2017 as a nurse clinical manager, I quickly fell in love with my co-workers, my clients and their families. I like helping people and truly enjoy the reciprocity of learning experiences I have daily from our staff, families and most importantly, our clients. The challenges that our families and clients face on a daily basis encourage me to do my best!

I enjoy spending time with my husband, two daughters and two dogs in the beautiful mountains of Asheville. We love hiking, camping, spending time with friends and family and have started having new adventures with kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding on the many rivers in this area. I am very grateful to have such a fulfilling career and live in such a beautiful and vibrant community!

Kori Slaton, RN
Clinical Manager

I have been apart of A New Hope Home Care team since 2016. I initially began working in the field as a CNA while finishing high school. I fell in love with the home care setting and the kiddos I took care of. After becoming part of A New Hope Home Care, I realized that pursuing my nursing degree, like my Great Grandmother did, was what I wanted to do. I have always dreamt of being a pediatric nurse and this was my chance. I went from a CNA to a registered nurse in 2021 and began working in the field. In 2022, I was given the opportunity to move into the office setting working alongside our Clinical Director. I share my experiences while teaching nurses skills, introducing them to our clients, assessing skills during visits and assisting our nurses and clients when needed. Making sure that all our staff and families are working together allows us to provide the best care possible.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my husband, my son, and our two dogs. I am forever grateful going to work every day and being apart of such a fulfilling company!

Diane Long, RN
Clinical Manager

I have been a nurse over 40 years and have a love of working with pediatrics. I have worked in hospital, doctor’s office and home care settings and found my place in the homes of children and caring for them and their families. I was the first nurse hired here at A New Hope in 2011 and have been here ever since. I work in the field as an RN as well as Clinical Manager overseeing client’s care and training new nurses in the field. Spending time with family and friends and participating in activities at my church including Sunday School, choir and various other ministries.

Laurel Meyer, RN
Clinical Manager

I knew I wanted to be a nurse from the time I was 8 years old and have been blessed to have a career spanning 44 years. My career has run the gambit of patient care from bedside, community based support and case management, mental health and the IDD community and now home care. I have been at A New Hope Home Care since 2012 as a Clinical Manager assisting with education, client support and home visits. When I can find time, I like to be outside in nature and love all things outdoors.

Gwen Willis
On Call Manager

I have been blessed to have been in healthcare for many years .I've gone from working front desk to becoming the supervisor of three different medical practices. But all the accomplishments in life mean nothing if you don't have a heart for God and a compassion for people. I am mother of three grown children, have a precious English bulldog and also a member of West Asheville Baptist Church. Home care has a special place in my heart through personal family struggles. Working at A New Hope Home Care has given me a chance to be a part of something that makes a difference in the lives of so many and I am blessed to be a small part of that difference.

Amber Teves
On Call Manager

I am a proud native of Western North Carolina and have a great love for its people and places. In 2002 I earned my Associates in Biology from Brevard College then later earned my CNA. I have been working in the healthcare field since 2010 and have been with A New Hope since 2015. It has been a blessing to work with people who share the same compassion and desire to help others. In my free time, I keep busy with my husband, two sons, two dogs and a cat.

Office Greeter

I was retired but found a new home as a greeter at A New Hope! I take coming to work very seriously and hate to miss a day. You will find me often in Chuck’s office but will greet you on arrival. I will be your best friend if you have any treats or snacks to share.

"Please accept this email as my formal notice of resignation from my position as a nurse with A New Hope Home Care. I have accepted a full time position in Florida, as a registered nurse in their emergency department. I would sincerely like to thank you for the opportunity to work with such an amazing service. The dedication you show to your clients, ad their families is remarkable. The caring, and support for your employees is undeniable. I will forever be thankful for the time I was allowed to spend with you, and the service. I wish you all luck going forward, I have no doubt you will continue to have a positive impact on families across the western end of the state." - from an RN